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His Will

"I learned that all endeavor to attain to perfection, and all sanctity, are based on doing God's will. The perfect following of God's will is maturity in sanctity, there is no place for doubt about that."

St. Faustina Kowalska

There are two different wills. There is our own will and there is God's will. Free-will is a gift from God that He has given to each human-being. We have been given the freedom to choose what we'll do with our lives. We've been given the freedom to choose between good or evil. This freedom that we have is a gift. It also carries an immense responsibility. For every action and every word we ever utter is written down for all eternity and we'll be held accountable for these actions, whether good or bad.

I've found in my own experience that God's will is always something that I would not have imagined for myself. He wants what I don't want, but even so, everything He has ever chosen for me has brought peace and fulfillment. Although, at the time it was not what I thought that I wanted. His plans and desires for you and I are always better, always higher, always beyond our capability.

"God's purpose is to make the soul great."

St. John of the Cross

Everyday we make choices. From the smallest to the largest, at every moment we are called to make a choice. From choosing what color shirt to wear, to discerning one's vocation. Choices are always set before us. Some are easier to make while others require more prayer and patience. But whenever we make rash decisions, we know it and we regret it. You may be wondering, what are these choices that we are to make and how do we know if we're making the right one. Simply put, to know what choice we should make should be the one that is most pleasing to God and will give Him the greater glory. Prayer must accompany our actions before and after. The times that I've committed grave sin were the times that I did not first consult with God but rather acted on impulse with no prayer nor discernment. Our inclination is always towards sin and the flesh, and so whenever we act on natural impulse you can be sure it leads to a crashing fall.

"Our concern must be to know God's Will. We must enter that path; if God wants, when God wants, how God wants."

St. Gianna Molla

The choices that we make throughout our lives always have a consequence. From the clothes we wear, to the company we keep, to the food we eat. Everything has a consequence. Our Lord has given the human person incredible dignity that He has given us this freedom to make these choices. But a God so full of love and goodness, does it not seem right and just that every single one of our actions should be in His service? To live and die for Him Alone? That everything be sacrificed to Him, for He sacrificed everything for us? God has given us everything and the one thing we can offer to Him is our will. In giving Him your will, you will find no greater joy and no greater peace. In accomplishing His will, it is not easy nor is it to be treated lightly. His Will is the great adventure of our souls which calls us to the heights of holiness.

"Clearly what God wants above all is our will, which we received as a free gift from God in creation and possess as though our own. When a man trains himself for acts of virtue, it is with the help of grace from God from whom all good things come... The will is what man has as his unique possession."

St. Joseph Cupertino

To know God's Will for our lives is not something we discover overnight. It is a journey, a walk with God. His Will is in the now and He leads the soul in peace. His way is always gentle but firm and His way is peace. When the soul sets his heart to follow the will of God, there is no safer and better way than in and through Mary. She who alone embodies the fullness of all grace can lead the soul safely along the narrow path. She is holiness, purity; Mary is grace and to those entrusted to her aid, she watches, protects and guides with solicitous care . A soul aspiring after sanctity will find that it is not possible without her.

"Mary's will does not differ from the will of God. Calling upon her without reserve, you manifest a love for the will of God, for her will is so perfect that in nothing does it differ from His. Thus you give glory to God that He created so perfect a creature and took her for His mother." St. Maximilian Kolbe

God is so merciful that He always looks at the intention of the heart. Even the times that we had failed, but thought we were doing the right thing, Our Lord judge's by our intention and motive. He is unfathomably good and merciful "for He knows our frame, He remembers that we are dust."* Above all, let us love God for God desires this only. He thirsts for love alone. Let us strive to live holy and pure lives, understanding our dignity and to seek His Will in all things. May our lives display His holiness and may we abandon our will to His. For He alone satisfies the heart and His Will is truly "Love and Mercy itself."*

"Glory to God in the highest and on earth peace to men of good will."

Luke 2:14

St. Gianna Molla, pray for us.


Psalm 103:14

Diary of St. Faustina

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